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      Captain Al took us out for a two tank dive around the oil rigs on a Sunday. His personal experience and concern for sharing with us the best dive experience in the gulf made it a spectacular trip. Sunday Funday! His knowledge of the area and familiarity with the waters and rigs ensured a SAFE and fun dive where we were able to encounter great marine life for the area. Dolphins, Sharks, Barracudas, and endless schools of fish - game and non-game fish. Under his advisement we dove at a particular spot where visibility was up to 80 feet. 

    The out of water experience was also exemplary. They provide all services necessary for diving; just like you--these people love to be on the water and under the water. The boat was comfortable with Captain, 6 divers, and a DM (knowledgeable & experienced DM). Capt. & DM were personable and folks you have an instant rapport with. 

    I would repeat diving with this charter as well as recommend them to friends. 

    Rhae B., Livingston, TX

      If you are looking for a reliable boat to take you out for a dive and a Captain who is personable and will take you a little further to make sure you get the best views in the clearest water, then this is the guy to see. If you want to be overly catered to and need a lot of hand holding then you probably should look elsewhere, but the price was right as this charter was $75.00 less than the others that I checked out.  All in all it was a good dive, a good day and a good deal!

    Becky E., Livingston, TX

      Capt. Al... That whale shark dive was the best! Could you please send me a copy of the video / DVD. I can’t stop telling all my friends about it. I will be booking another trip soon, can you guarantee that I will see the same whale shark on my next dive?  I think he winked at me. :)

     THANKS! Melinda M.,  Houston, TX

      I have been a PADI Dive Master for several years with over 200 logged dives and have taken several trips with this company. Ultra Dive is a professional operation and they have the utmost concern for their client’s safety as well as their fun. The boat is clean, and Al has always been courteous, friendly, and full of bad jokes, lol. Actually he is pretty funny just don't get him started with singing theme songs from Gilligan's Island or Hawaii 5-0.

    John G., Houston TX

      Being a custom to seeing the greenish water you typically see close to shore at the Galveston beach, I was not expecting to have the best visibility on this dive... man was I wrong! Capt. Al took us out to a platform about 25 miles from shore and the viz was clear, blue and at least 80 feet. Huge schools of spade fish, red snappers, ling and a very inquisitive yet friendly barracuda are just a few of the fish I saw that day. I plan on booking more trips with this guy and would recommend him to anyone.

    Tony S., Montgomery, TX

      I have been on one trip so far (about 30 miles out of Freeport), and I was amazed by the deep blue water. Visibility was better than expected--about 60 to 80 feet. Also, we saw some pretty good sized fish. I look forward to the next trip.

    Rodney C., Woodlands TX

      Al... Thank you so much for all your kindness before & during my dive. Considering my disability, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all your thoughtfulness & professionalism. I will let all my present and future dive friends know how much fun I had, you guys are all great and your DM John was the best.  

    Thanks for the memories.  Sharon L., Kansas 

      Hey Al & Carolyn... I like the website!!! Great photos, but why am I not in them?!?! Just kidding, you guys run a tight and fun ship. Enjoyed Saturday's dives. Take care and Happy Diving! Ami

    Ami Michelle F., Houston, TX

      Captain Al... We just wanted to tell you and Dennis thank you so much for the trip.  You both were very attentive.  If there was anything we needed you were right there to be of assistance.  You really made this lake diver feel more at ease seeing as though I had never dove in the Gulf before.  We really had a good time.  We hope to do it again some time soon.  Thanks again.

    Presilla & Jimmy A., Tyler, TX

      Attended a trip with Capt. Al and his dive master the first weekend in August. Visibility was 70 to 80 feet, lots of fish and even saw a loggerhead turtle. Surface intervals and the ride back to the dock was very comfortable in that large cabin. Nice boat!

    John H.,  Lubbock, TX

      I have personally attended several of these trips and they are FANTASTIC !
    Mike N.,  Houston, TX

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